I started taking photographs as an Architectural student as a necessary tool for my studies but soon started taking photographs for their own sake. I have taken a lot of portraits of both adults and children, photographs of Architecture and landscapes. I have a particular interest in colour, texture and pattern. I started with 35mm film photography in Black and White using a dark room but changed to Digital at the beginning of the 21st Century and most of my photography is in colour.




My photography was the inspiration for my painting. I paint mainly with Acrylic paint on Canvas. I love painting nature whether it is trees, water, clouds, grass, rocks, glaciers or just the sea. I often look at things from close up so there is no horizon. As with the photography I am interested in colour and texture and pattern.


I started painting in November 2015 with little clue as to what the outcome would be, but I get a lot of enjoyment from my painting and I hope other people may also do so.